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Unmanned Systems Engineering

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Unmanned Maritime Systems Engineering

Exploring Safe Design and Operations for the Use of Unmanned Maritime Systems

Volume 1 Number 4, October 2013


Pascual Marqués - Editorial Address

Coordinated Efforts and Vision in Contemporary

Unmanned Maritime Systems Research and Development

Vol. 1, No. S4, 1-3



Xianpeng Shi, Oren Gal, Zhongjun Ding and Pascual Marqués

Underwater Submersible Technologies: Trends and Challenges

Vol. 1, No. S4, 4-13



Oren Gal, Xianpeng Shi and Pascual Marqués

Autonomous Aspects of Unmanned Maritime Vehicles

Vol. 1, No. S4, 14-22



Solon Mias

Technologies and Applications for Unmanned Maritime Systems

Vol. 1, No. S4, 23-30

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