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Make a great first impression with English Language editing services. Our editors will help polish your manuscript for greater impact.


Authors whose first language is not English may wish to have their manuscript professionally edited before submitting their manuscript. English-language editing may help to ensure that the academic content of the article is fully understood by journal editors and reviewers.


English-language specialists will help:


 • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

 • Delete redundant words and phrases.

 • Replace inappropriate words and generally improve clarity.

 • Ensure that the scientific tone of the language is appropriate for the journal.


IJUSEng liaises with a dedicated team of English language specialists who have expertise in language editing in every major academic field.


Authors wishing to make use of the Language Services should send a draft copy of their paper to IJUSEng ([email protected]). The Editor will forward the manuscript to an appropriate Language Services provider. After our language polishing, authors receive a Word document file with tracked changes and editorial comments. If authors need to add sections to their paper to address any comments or questions, the manuscript can be sent back to IJUSEng for re-editing for a fixed           ‘re-editing fee’.



IJUSEng neither endorses nor takes responsibility for these services, which are provided by commercial, for-profit companies. Language editing using these services does not restrict authors to submitting their manuscript to IJUSEng, nor does it guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication in an academic journal.



Pricing for your manuscript is based on word count.


Fewer than 1,000 words £25

1,000 – 2,000 words      £50

2,000 – 3,000 words      £75

3,000 – 4,000 words      £95


Re-editing fee      £25

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