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Abstract: Ejofodomi O, Onyishi DU, Zara J, and Ofualagba G. (2019). Automated crude transporter for zero percent crude oil spill within the oil and gas industry. International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering. 7(1): 49-60. Text The transfer of crude from one point to another and from one vessel to another is an unnecessary expense as it incurs a loss in total volume of crude ranging from 4% to 27%. This equates to a loss in revenue of ₦24,000,000 – ₦162,000,000 ($3,840,000,000 CAD - $25,920,000,000 CAD) for every instance of crude transfer, in addition to environmental pollution and associated health hazards. The Automated Crude Transporter presented in this paper addresses this crucial need. The Automated Crude Transporter consists of an initial submersible Receptacle Volume Estimator, an adjustable crude pipeline and a final Submersible Receptacle Volume Estimator. When the Automated Crude Transporter is switched on, it asks the user to input the shape and size of the initial vessel, and then asks the user to place it in the initial and final vessel before hitting the activation button. After this, the automated pump is automatically turned on. The volume of the crude is measured in the initial vessel and transportation of crude to the final vessel commences. The final Submersible Receptacle Volume Estimator detects when crude starts coming into the final vessel and keeps monitoring the volume of deposited crude until the flow of crude stops. If the incoming crude rises to above 95% of the vessel height before flow stops, it automatically shuts off the pump to prevent crude oil spill. After successful transfer it sends the volume of crude transferred flow rate, date and time of transfer to designated key individuals via text and e-mails. A 48-inch diameter Automated Crude Transporter can transport one ton of crude (raw, refined or its constituents) in 2 minutes over a distance of 100 m. Future work involves the implementation of a physical prototype of the Automated Crude Transporter and testing of the concept on the mentioned crude transfer processes. © IJUSEng


Keywords: Automated Crude Transfer, Crude Oil Spill, Crude Transfer Process, Crude Volume loss, Receptacle Volume Estimator.

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IJUSEng - 2019, Vol. 7, No. 1, 49-60


Automated Crude Transporter for Zero Percent Crude Oil Spill within the Oil and Gas Industry


O'tega Ejofodomi *, Don Uche Onyishi **, Jason Zara * and Godswill Ofualagba *


*  RACETT CANADA INC, New Brunswick, Canada, and RACETT NIGERIA LTD.,      

   Abuja, Nigeria

** RACETT NIGERIA LTD., Abuja, Nigeria  

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