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Abstract: Smith S. and Spiridon E. (2019). Influence of ambient light and feedback on motivation to carry out a task: Implications for operation of unmanned aircraft. International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering. 7(1): 12-23. Extensive aerial surveillance using unmanned aerial vehicles require persistent motivation to monitor areas under surveillance, track people or vehicles, and carry out multiple checklists. Environmental factors and behavioural triggers can attenuate or enhance the approach motivation. The aim of this study was to test whether ambient lighting in the ground control station of an unmanned aerial vehicle and task feedback can incite motivation changes. Thirty participants were randomly allocated to a light (red, blue, or control) condition and a feedback (negative or positive) condition to test the effects of light and feedback on motivation during a 20-minute study. Self-report measures of mood state and motivation were taken while the participant completed two rounds of a visual search task before and after the ambient light and feedback interventions. Positive motivation increased in the blue light condition and decreased in the red and the control group relative to the baseline. No other significant effects were found, however trends in the data suggest that blue light raises approach motivation, and red light decreases approach motivation. The findings suggest that ambient interventions could be a useful tool to ensure a positive motivation is maintained for the operation of unmanned vehicles. © IJUSEng


Keywords: Ambient light, Blue light, Feedback, Mood state, Motivation, Red light.

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IJUSEng - 2019, Vol. 7, No. 1, 12-23


Influence of Ambient Light and Feedback on Motivation to Carry Out a Task: Implications for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft


Sian Smith and Elena Spiridon


Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, United Kingdom  

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