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Abstract: Giurca LG. (2014). Vertical takeoff and landing powerplant for aircraft. International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering. 2(1): 9-14. The paper describes a new Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) powerplant that allows replacing the helicopter solution. The new proposed VTOL powerplant represents a revolutionary approach and realizes lift without airscrews or rotors. As opposed to the mechanically complicated cyclic swash-plate and coupled tail rotor found in a conventional helicopter, VTOL powerplant aircraft implement a simple and low weight construction. This system uses fewer and simpler parts than a conventional helicopter, which should ultimately make it less expensive to manufacture and maintain. The aim is to create a new class of aircraft and propulsion system that combines characteristics of helicopters and airplanes for a wide range of everyday tasks and emergency situations. The VTOL powerplant aircraft is reliable and safe and does not require special locations for takeoff and landing. The contact of the aircraft with external obstacles would not lead to a disaster like in the case of the conventional solutions. Areas of application include commercial and industrial lifting, transport crafts, defense platforms, personal and family VTOL crafts, UAVs, Drones, Toys, and other. The new VTOL powerplant concept makes VTOL affordable for a larger market because it simplifies the use and maintenance of aircraft. The prime mover can be an internal combustion engine with opposed pistons, which is also revolutionary. This achieves a large power density and is completely balanced even with two cylinders. For small aircraft like drones or UAVs, different prime movers can be used such as an electric motor supplied by a battery system or a hybrid system. © Marques Engineering Ltd.


Keywords: Compound aircraft, Personal aircraft, Powerplant, UAVs, Vertical lift, Vertical thrust, VTOL.

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IJUSEng - 2014, Vol. 2, No. 1, 9-14


Vertical Takeoff and Landing Powerplant for Aircraft


Liviu Grigorian Giurca

Powertrain Technologies, Romania

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