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Abstract: Marqués P., Bachouche A. and Maligno A. (2013). Aerodynamic evaluation of the Djebel Laassa UAV. International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering. 1(1): 9-15. Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A. has recently launched an R&D program that includes several UAVs and has led to the development of the Djebel Laassa UAV (‘mountain watch’ UAV). The current multidisciplinary R&D program of Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A. endeavors to further enhance the potentiality of the Djebel Laassa vehicle for a broad range of civil and military applications. In particular, a great effort is devoted to the improvement of the vehicle’s aerodynamics for enhanced performance and survivability in unsteady flight environments. This paper presents the aerodynamic R&D of the medium-size Djebel Laassa UAV prototype. Aerodynamic modifications are specified to enhance the maximum lift, flow control, stalling behaviour and flight stability characteristics of the air vehicle. Modifications include the use of an S1223 airfoil, vortex generators and a Gurney flap for the wing, a constant-section variable-thickness S1223 airfoil for the propeller, wing fence adjustments, and introduction of wing taper, dihedral and geometric twist. This aerodynamic evaluation is part of the current R&D programme of Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A. that prioritises the development of advanced aerodynamic concepts and modifications to the air vehicle's engine and structural design for enhanced performance in medium/high altitude, long-endurance missions. © Marques Aviation Ltd – Press.


Keywords: Aerodynamics, Djebel Laassa UAV, Flight stability, R&D programme, Unsteady flight environment.


                                                                                                                                                             Research Article

IJUSEng - 2013, Vol. 1, No. 1, 9-15


Aerodynamic Evaluation of the Djebel Laassa UAV


Pascual Marqués*, Azouz Bachouche** and Angelo Maligno*

* Unmanned Vehicle University (UK), United Kingdom.

** Tunisia  Aero Technologies Industries S.A. & Unmanned Vehicle University (Africa), Tunisia.

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